What's Going on in our Skies?
Radar Rings, HAARP, Fireballs
UFO's, Earthquakes,
Lunar and Solar Anomalies

By Rusty and Deuce

Is there a connection our government isn't telling us about?

Recently, we here at the Harbinger have been monitoring anomalous "rings" or circles that have appeared on the various images that are posted frequently by the various websites around the internet that monitor the weather. As to what they are specifically, we can't be 100% sure yet.


We have noticed that these images are right over military installations.

We have noticed that near the areas that these "rings" appear people have reported seeing strange lights, fireballs streaking across the sky, or UFO's.

We have also been monitoring data on the Earth's magnetic field and have noticed variations at the same time these anomalous "rings" appear on radar and satellite images.   Is HAARP up to something?

We have also been monitoring increased earthquake activity in these areas.

We are also noticing strange things going on with the Sun and Moon.

Is all this just sheer coincidence? Perhaps. Take a look for yourself and draw your own conclusions. You just might think otherwise.


Military website admits
electronic weather modification!


NEW! Updated 12/24/99
Solar Anomalies

Radar Rings
West Virginia

Magnetometer Charts
Earthquake Charts


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